Different Methods of Maintaining Safety and Security for Seniors at Home

Home safety for elders is a hot topic these days in Houston, Texas, because many seniors are opting to live on their own. Therefore, they need the most basic methods for keeping their home secure and safe. Here are some of the easiest ways for seniors to keep their homes safer from invaders –

Advance Security System

The most important home safety recommendation for elders is to utilize an alarm. These are inexpensive and simple to put together. This device detects motion outside a door or window, causing the alarm to sound. According to Houston police, it’s one of the simplest measures for preventing intruders.

Installing motion detector lights on the exterior of the house could be another way for seniors to make their homes more secure. These lights should be programmed to turn on in the dark when they detect movement in certain areas outside the house. It’s great if they light up places around the house’s entryway and walk ways. These smart devices are offered by all home security companies houston. They are all inexpensive, easy to install, and user-friendly.

Other safety measures that can be taken for seniors who are staying alone are –

  • Sticking the rugs to the floor with double-sided tapes to avoid slipping.
  • Installing handrails for support and placing anti-skid mats in bathrooms.
  • Installing support around stairs for them to climb up and walk down conveniently.
  • Installing handles on both sides of toilet seats.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter from the home to keep the rooms spacious for easy mobility.

There are numerous ways to improve the home environment for seniors. You can seek assistance from their nursing staff or other professionals to help you decide what should be done.