Five Ways to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic

Instagram is another social media platform that has its own unique twists. You need to learn how to use it to generate leads and traffic to your blog. It has now more users than Twitter and it grew 50% in the past six months. Are you a client or customer who thinks they could be on this site? It’s definitely worth further research.

These are some ways that Instagram can drive traffic to your offers:

  1. Think strategically about the link

Use the one link you have on Instagram. What are you asking your followers to do? Consider this and then place the link. It can be changed every day, but you must be strategic.

  • Hashtags

Without hashtags, it’s impossible to get noticed. Check out the accounts of people who are leaders in your niche to see which hashtags they use. You’ll be surprised at the responses you receive when you try new hashtags. If you don’t expect it to be seen, do not post anything on Instagram without a hashtag.

  • Videos

You can use Instagram to create a story using fifteen second videos. It’s amazing what you can squeeze into 15 seconds. You can use this feature as often as you like to educate, entertain, or inspire people about your product or service. Use hashtags to make your product or service more visible.

  • Pictures

You can use images that are visually appealing to grab the attention of prospects on Instagram. You can find free images on pixabay or shutterstock. For a wider range and a higher price, you can also use dollar photo club or shutterstock. You can put quotes on photos and you can also use images that you have taken in your daily life. Your pictures should tell a greater story about you and your business.

  • Get connected with the movers & shakers

Connect with the industry gurus and see what they are doing. You can also connect with their followers, but don’t be embarrassed. Follow those who are interested in your instagram likes kaufen offerings. Instead of following everyone, go to their profile and see what they have to say.