How Crypto Conduct Authority has a Consensus-Based Rating System

Crypto Conduct Authority is an organization that provides a peer review system to help with the problem of fake reviews. It uses principles of a consensus-based rating system to help fight scams in the digital currency market. Crypto Conduct Authority’s team believes that a consensus-based rating system should be used for all online platforms and businesses. They believe that it will help provide independent reviews about products, services, and talent for users, who are more likely to trust content that other users have rated as well.Conduct Authority’s team also believes that peer review systems like this one should be used across industries and other areas of life.

The ratings will allow people to see what other people think about different topics and product or service offerings before they purchase them or sign up with a new business. Crypto Conduct Authority (CCA) is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that provides insights about the quality of the ICOs and new cryptocurrencies. CCA is a decentralized peer review system that encourages transparency and guarantees due diligence for developers and investors. The rating system has five categories – white list, green list, yellow list, red list, and black list. The white list is the most prestigious category where only the best projects are selected by CCA team members. The green list is a less strict category where projects must have at least one commendable feature to get in.

The yellow list requires information disclosure while red will be used when there are clear signs of fraudulent activities. Crypto Conduct Authority is a new kind of rating system that gives a decentralized, consensus-based rating. It’s an open source system that aims to provide transparency and trust among the community. Crypto Conduct Authority has a rating system that consists of three parts: peer reviews, compliance logs, and ratings. Peer review is basically where users rate other users on their performance online. And then the ratings are given out based on the number of users who have reviewed you.