Why YouTube Views are Important

This article will explain to both advanced and novice users why it is so important to get more views on your YouTube videos.

You should know that YouTube searches for keywords (e.g. “cats”) will return a page with results that typically include 10 to 20 listings and links to many videos.

YouTube uses algorithms to sort through their video database to find the most relevant videos for the keyword you searched. This algorithm is not complicated, but it typically uses a number of variables to determine which videos should rank for each keyword. In other words, if a particular variable is greater than a given variable, the video will rank higher than all the others.

This brings us to the views counter. It has been proven through practical observations that active videos are more prominently placed for targeted keywords. A video with active views is one that has received more comments, views and originates from a channel that has more subscribers. If you find a way why not try here that you can increase your views, you will have direct control over how your video ranks (and tag optimization will allow you to target and teach your audience). The more views you have the better your ranking. This is a cumulative effect. You should understand how important it is to get more YouTube views. This will determine whether or not your video content is a success.

Don’t forget to optimize your video title, description, and tags (don’t go overboard as this can hurt your rankings but make sure you target the right audience) – this will increase your views even more.