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The South Indian film industry, a single entity consisting of the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries, holds a special place in the heart of numerous movie lovers in India. It has been time and again observed that the non-South Indian population from other parts of the country enjoy watching dubbed south Indian movies on television because of the larger-than-life events and performances. Even stars belonging to national and other regional cinemas crave and look forward to work in the South Indian film industry. The South Indian film industry, in turn, has also returned the compliment by extending open arms to embrace stars from various other regions of India. It is no surprise that the four film industries comprising the South Indian film industry contribute over 50% to the Indian cinema revenues. There are many Telugu webseries online on aha app.

Out of the four film industries mentioned above, the Telugu film industry is perhaps the liveliest, not only in South India but also across India. There have been instances when, once stars start working in the Telugu film industry, they make it their permanent address.

The industry is a goldmine, serving out endless entertainment to its viewers. Telugu movies are renowned for their elaborate and luxurious movie sets, chirpy songs, eye-catching locations, foot-tapping dance moves, breathtaking action scenes, excellent production standards, and scintillating performances. Fans jostled their way to get tickets to watch their favorite superstars on-screen.

However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic jolted the Telugu film industry badly. The lockdown led to theatres shutting down, leaving the industry with no audiences. However, thanks to OTT platforms like Aha, the industry has found a lifeline. OTT platforms have helped the industry rejuvenate itself to deliver stunning productions to its audiences.

About AHA

Aha is one such OTT platform. It is an on-demand video streaming online platform that caters exclusively to the Telugu audience. It allows its viewers to watch Telugu movies online from the comfort of their homes.

Aha’s vast collection includes original web series, movies, and shows across different genres like action, romance, comedy, drama. Even small kids can enjoy movies featuring their favorite human and cartoon characters. The content streamed on Aha is ad-free, ensuring nothing comes between you and your favorite movies and shows.

The Aha OTT platform is available on mobile, tablet, smart tv, and other streaming devices. It is an OTT platform for everyone. Not only does Aha feature the best contemporary and modern Telugu films and shows, but it also offers the best movie and web show reviews. It’s excellent binge-watch online streaming services make it a great OTT platform.

With no end in sight of the Covid-19 crisis, it is unlikely that governments across would agree to reopen cinema halls soon. Even if they were to reopen, the limited seating, and social distancing guidelines, will ensure that most audiences would still stay at home. Therefore, it is only logical for viewers to enjoy their favorite movies from their homes till the pandemic lasts.

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